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Barco’s New ClickShare Conference Offers ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ Wireless Conferencing

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Barco has launched their new wireless conferencing solution, the ClickShare Conference, which enables a Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) concept. Videoconference participants can launch a meeting using their own individually preferred system and devices without compromising quality, security, or compatibility.

Videoconferencing has become the norm in conference rooms and huddle rooms everywhere. A more intuitive experience with video, meetings become more productive and allow for easier collaboration with remote participants. Users desire the recreation of a face to face meeting with as much ease as possible, which is the goal of the Clickshare Conference. There’s no need to physically connect your video conferencing system or audio-visual peripherals, thereby simplifying the process.

The new ClickShare Conference range consists of 3 different models: the entry-level CX-20, the CX-30 and the high-end CX-50. The CX-20 is ideally suited for huddle pods and small meeting rooms, offering the key functionalities of wireless collaboration and conferencing. The CX-30, is designed for standard meeting rooms and adds a set of interactivity features such as touch back support, moderation, blackboarding and annotation to make users truly connect and click in meetings. The high-end CX-50, for large meeting rooms, brings a premium AV collaboration experience with superior audio and video quality and offers the best possibilities to integrate into your IT or AV environment.

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