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Barco Introduces New XT Series LED Video Wall Tiles

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Barco has introduced its new 27-inch Direct View LED tiles for video walls. The XT series is available with pixel pitches of 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9 mm, and is suited for many indoor applications such as corporate lobbies, broadcast studios, and control rooms. Each tile has a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio to allow for the creation of native Full HD or UHD screens without unused canvas or distortion.

The XT series features Barco’s Infinipix image processing solution which fine tunes brightness without any loss of image quality, allows for color calibration and provides seamless results for still and moving content. The XT series implements all necessary features to maximize uptime of the wall, including redundancy of both power and data. Users will also be notified upfront of any warnings or failures, so proactive measures can be taken in advance rather than facing sudden complete wall downtime making the series ideal for mission critical applications.

The improved robustness of the XT series facilitates easy installation with a reduced risk of pixel damage. The LED displays are designed for wall mounting, meaning they are fully accessible from the front, which allows for a shallow depth of the entire video wall. Assisted Module Extraction makes sure that the tiles can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement with Barco claiming that a tile can be replaced in under two minutes.

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