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AV Trends in Restaurants

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According to the National Restaurant Association, there are over one million restaurants in the United States, which means there’s quite a lot to choose from if you’re hungry. While food is an important aspect when choosing where to eat, ambience and technology are tops on the list as well. Today’s restaurants are now offering more in the way of AV systems to satisfy customers other senses, not just their taste buds.



Whether at a bar and grill watching a football game or playing a trivia game on screen, you’re bound to see multiple screens with multiple activities in casual restaurants these days. Entertainment gives diners a reason to stay and munch a little longer.


Menu boards

Restaurants can use digital menu boards to display menus that can be automated to change according to the time of day or day of the week. It can display special offers and switch from the breakfast to the lunch menu exactly at 11am. Changes to pricing and menu items can be made quickly and easily without having to replace the whole board.


Decrease the Stress of Waiting

Panera’s take out customers can view their name on a constantly updated list so they know when their food is ready, reducing the stress of the morning commuter rushing to work knowing their up next.  Digital signage is also being used to provide customers with something else to watch or do so the wait won’t seem so long.



Imagine Hard Rock Café without Elvis playing in the background. Not the same, right? Whether going to a live music venue or enjoying music through in-ceiling speakers even in the restroom, tunes are always an essential part of the restaurant experience. AV integrators can offer the right equipment and setup to deal with acoustic challenges and other needs of the dining establishment.



For most major chains, 50-70% of business is done at the drive through window, according to QSR and Insula Research. Getting your order right is key to keeping the drive thru customer happy and keeping the line short and efficient. With better AV systems to ensure communication is clear and concise, restaurants can make sure they keep business flowing smoothly. From speakers that allow the customer to clearly hear and communicate to the drive thru operator to displays that provide a list of the items ordered, these have made the process smoother than ever.

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