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AV Control Systems: The Evolution of the Remote

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As technology has progressed and become an increasingly integral part in the workplace and classroom, fumbling for multiple remotes that may or may not be in their designated place is a frustrating problem to have. And batteries have to be readily available to replace when the remotes suddenly stopped working. Allowing the control for multiple types of equipment to be customized onto one unified platform is a desired and necessary advantage. With the advent and proliferation of interconnectivity, this became much easier to accomplish. Coupled with the entry of mobile devices to the scene, the AV control system is fast becoming a staple in the corporate board room or higher ed lecture hall giving users the ability to turn down the lights, turn on the projector, connect to a specified mobile device, and lower the motorized projector screen with one quick stroke of the finger.

An AV control system should be intuitive and easy to use so that even the most non-technical of operators can learn to use it quickly. The advantage is time-savings and no longer having to require IT personnel to administrate all of the tasks required to get a presentation up and running. The ability to walk in a room, touch a button or two and be ready to go with little to no training is not only cost effective, but increases productivity and with no down-time, keeps your audience engaged.

Depending on the complexity of the various audio and video elements being utilized, customization can be a key factor in ensuring the effectiveness of an AV Control System. Customizing can ensure that only the controls needed are displayed and that certain tasks can be consolidated so a series of jobs can be performed on command at one time with just one touch of the finger.

With AV Control Systems, the days of searching for the projector or TV remote are gone, giving users more control and power in the conference room and classroom. And with new and more advanced technology constantly emerging, the future of AV Control Systems will continue to improve, bringing with it more streamlined collaboration and learning.

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