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AV Can Support the New Normal in Corporate Settings

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As we start to move into a new normal, companies will need to reevaluate certain modes of operation to accommodate the needs and safety of their employees. In pre-pandemic times, corporate settings were trending towards a more casual and communal way of working and meeting, which may not be the most appropriate as employees start to head back to the office.

Conference Rooms

Large conference rooms with meeting participants seated closely together in one space may be a thing of the past, or at least for a while. To achieve social distancing, conference rooms can be utilized by smaller groups while videoconferencing with the remainder of the group who may be engaged via a display to provide remote users the ability to share spreadsheets or other pertinent documents. Many companies may opt to use huddle rooms in the same way as a means to accommodate just a few people at a time in an effort to refrain from gathering in large groups.


Whiteboards and their accompanying accoutrements, such as dry erase markers and erasers, are high touch surfaces that may give way to displays. Employees can connect from their desk or seat using their own personal device therefore enabling a touchless and contactless method of easily sharing information.

Room Scheduling

To limit the need for people congregating outside meeting rooms waiting for an available space, room scheduling can be utilized. Scheduling software can provide a platform that allows employees to check for available rooms, reserve rooms and check on available equipment in a particular room. Lighted indicators outside of doors can also assist in helping people identify rooms that are currently in use from afar without having to enter that room.

Working spaces

Open format office spaces have been a growing trend, but in this day and age, the familiar cubicle farms may be safer, offering protection from nearby neighbors and providing those working within those cubicle walls a level of comfort.

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