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Audio Conferencing Solution from Nureva Delivers Clear Sound with 8,192 Virtual Microphones

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Nureva’s HDL300 audio conferencing system is a unique solution to today’s audio conferencing problems enabling remote users to clearly hear on-site participants no matter where they are in the room. Users can move around and speak from anywhere and be heard clearly by all participants, no longer being confined to a chair in order to be close to the audio source.


With Nureva’s proprietary Microphone Mist technology, a custom audio processing unit capable of handling 15 billion calculations per second provides the power needed to process audio from each of 8,192 virtual microphones so participants hear everything in the room naturally just as on-site users hear it, including side conversations. The system delivers sound free of distortions and sound artifacts so participants hear only what they need to.


Installation is simple with no ceiling mounting required. The HDL300 hangs on a wall, connects with a single cable and automatically calibrates itself. It’s compact design and easy installation makes it versatile enough to fit into any space.


The HDL300 works with a variety of UC&C software like Skype for Business, Skype, Cisco Jabber, Zoom and GoToMeeting without the need to install drivers.

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