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Appspace: A Unified Platform For Corporate Communications

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Communication in any organization is an important factor to keeping employees and students engaged and informed. It also increases efficiency and productivity by providing the right information at the right time. In the digital age, the way we disperse this information has changed dramatically with smart phones, digital signage and many other display formats throughout any organization. There are many platforms out there to manage different forms of communication and one in particular has unified several capabilities into one platform to reach more people with less complexity. This platform, called Appspace, provides a one-stop shop to create content and manage digital signs, room scheduling, kiosks and more.

Content Creation and Management

One of the issues many organizations face is having the ability to create engaging content on the fly. Appspace addresses this with what they call ‘cards’ that can be easily created using HTML 5 templates. Templates can be customized to create branded themes with logos, fonts, colors or other brand specific elements.

If you require more flexibility, Appspace also allows you to build cards using standard development tools. Once you have your content, you can create playlist channels and set rules for workflow, schedule and playback for each channel. Whether company news, announcements, reports or events, you can then share your cards to devices such as mobile phones, digital signage, collaboration screens, and video walls throughout your organization.

Live and Recorded Video Content

Whether IPTV or live streaming of a training session, you can manage video within Appspace as well. They offer cards for video to add a professional looking touch to your in-house video.

Room Scheduling

Appspace, also offers a room scheduling feature that incorporates a card template that integrates with your calendar to see the availability of a single meeting room. You can also book the room on a screen located outside the room or in common areas. They will be releasing a new feature sometime in the spring of 2019 that will allow you to see the availability of all meeting rooms in one place and to book any room or schedule a future meeting.


Also soon to be released, Appspace will provide wayfinding and directory cards for touchscreen kiosks or displays to provide information to visitors or newcomers with the standard messaging channel scheduled to display when the display is not in use.

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