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Amazon Boxes Feature Volkswagen Taos AR Experience

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With Augmented Reality (AR), a digital 3D experience is overlayed onto the user’s real-world surroundings via a personal device. The user can often take photos or video of the experience to share via social media. AR offers an immersive experience for consumers and Volkswagen is capitalizing on this with a new ad campaign featuring their new Taos SUV.

The new ad is being featured on 1 million Amazon boxes that are being delivered to online shopper’s homes. Users must scan the QR code provided on the box via their personal device, which launches a web page where they can access the VR content. Users can choose from four different themes—Road Tripping, Rhythm Kicking, Smooth Gliding, and City Vibing—each featuring a different color Taos and a different musical accompaniment. The Taos maneuvers around a loop and ‘hot spots’ along the way trigger a different bonus sound such as waves crashing, dogs barking or people cheering. By recording these drives, customers are able to unlock three months of Amazon Music Unlimited at no added cost—with unlimited access to millions of podcast episodes and more than 75 million songs.

The virtual Taos experience serves as follow-up to the fall campaigns Drive and Road is Home, created in partnership with The Community, a creative agency for Volkswagen of America. The Amazon box experience brings the rhythm and style of these TV spots to life. Similar to the TV campaigns, the AR experience theme is about the joy of driving, and how it’s more than going from Point A to B. You can try it out here.

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