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Almo and AHRT Partner to Provide Holographic Technology for Virtual and In-Person Events

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In this era of caution, our typical face-to-face meetings have largely been replaced with online meetings, which lack the same level of engagement that in person assemblies provide. Most of the time, this works just fine, but as virtual tradeshows and other high impact meetings are coming back into play, the ability to engage the virtual crowd is more difficult in the typical Zoom or Teams format. This is where the technology, Holographic TelePresence, can assist in connecting with attendees, whether in a training session, product launch or tradeshow to bring the unique experience of holographic display.

Almo Professional A/V and ARHT Media, Inc. have partnered to deliver hologram technology for both in-person and online events. Developed by ARHT and distributed by Almo, Holographic Telepresence enables presenters to appear remotely, as holograms in front of an audience, and to interact with attendees as if they were face-to-face. Presenters can be ‘beamed’ in from anywhere to one or multiple venues, using proprietary technology, capture studios & standard projection equipment.

A new feature of the platform, called the Virtual Global Stage (VGS), offers a similar experience for online audiences where presenters from different locations can appear in life-size proportions on the same virtual stage interacting with each other as well as with online participants. With the new VGS feature, events can also be hybrid—allowing some participants to attend live, while others are online.

As we begin the slow transition back to normalcy, holographic technology promises to provide more impactful and engaging virtual, in-person and hybrid experiences. The more lifelike interaction that this technology can produce will assist in keeping audiences connected via the internet.

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