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6 Digital Signage Trends to Look Out for in 2019

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The digital signage market is projected to grow from $20.8 billion in 2019 to $29.6 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 7.3%. It’s taking a foothold in industries such as retail, transportation, healthcare, and education with the ability to more efficiently and effectively engage and interact with users. Let’s look at some of the digital signage trends to look for in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Combining digital signage with artificial intelligence (AI) enhances the users experience by providing more relevant and personalized content using information that is collected from the environment or user. Weather conditions or the time of day can prompt advertisements for an umbrella or a nearby spot that serves breakfast. Facial recognition can trigger information that can be targeted to a certain gender, age or even mood.


If you’ve been to a McDonald’s lately, you may have placed your order on a self-service kiosk where you simply tap the menu items you desire and even pay without ever speaking to a human. Casual fast food restaurants are taking advantage of digital signage to offer a better experience for customers and streamline the food ordering process. Retail stores will also be jumping on the interactive digital signage bandwagon with kiosks that provide information on products and pricing or even product location within the store. In healthcare and education, wayfinding enabled digital signage can help people navigate their way through large hospital or college campuses.

Omnichannel Marketing

With so many ways for customers to interact with businesses, utilizing an approach that links everything from the company website, whether via desktop computer or mobile device, to the in-store experience, is the essence of omnichannel marketing. A trend that is picking up steam, omnichannel marketing will be incorporated into digital signage content creating one seamless approach that provides customers with an integrated shopping experience.

Direct-View LEDs

Direct-View LEDs are very bright displays that can readily be viewed despite ambient light or direct sun conditions. LCD’s have been the frontrunner in digital signage, but as prices for Direct-View LED displays continue to decrease, these will start taking the place of LCDs. They offer incredible contrast ratios and vibrant colors and can also be produced in virtually any size.

Big Data and Analytics

As discussed earlier, AI is allowing for more personalization of content, but additionally, it is providing more data that end users can extract to measure the impact of their digital signage advertising. This data can be used to adjust content accordingly to attract more customers and to provide more customized content.

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