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4 Reasons Video Conferencing Benefits Healthcare

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Healthcare is changing vastly as technology advances with new equipment and groundbreaking treatments that are making huge strides in keeping people healthy. Video conferencing has also contributed greatly and is changing the way doctors are treating patients bringing cost and time saving strategies to the operating table and paving the way for a healthier future.


Quality of Care

A patient in the ER may need specialized care that ordinarily would not be accessible if a doctor was not on site, but with video conferencing, the ability to connect visually with the doctor no matter where they are, can make a huge difference in the level of care a patient receives. Minutes and seconds matter in life threatening situations and being able to gain access to a specialist without having to wait for them to drive in rush hour traffic to the hospital can make all the difference in a dire situation.



Healthcare professionals can take continuing education courses without having to travel or take time off from caring for patients. Distance learning allows healthcare workers to learn new skills and gain new certifications effectively without leaving the comfort of their living room.


Access to Healthcare

Patients living in remote areas can now log onto the internet and have a face-to-face consultation with a doctor almost as if they were in person. A patient can show doctors a wound onscreen or, through apps that take your blood pressure and heart rate, a patient can quickly share vitals. Similarly, if a patient in Dallas has a rare disease and needs access to a specialist who is located in Boston, their primary care physician can consult with them without the time and expense of travel.



Doctors can easily collaborate on a particularly complicated case via video conferencing sharing CT scans , MRI’s or other vital information or imaging. With video conferencing, knowledge can be shared more widely, resulting in faster and more educated decisions that reduce the time to market for new products and services.

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