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4 Most Important Aspects of a Commercial AV System

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Any successful AV system requires functionality, convenience, great sound and video while achieving an appealing environment where the equipment does not detract from the design of the space.  It’s a delicate balance, but one that can be achieved with careful planning, experience and the proper selection of components.


Let’s get Visual!

As one of the most important aspects of your space, a projector or display are excellent additions to any conference room, auditorium or classroom. For an inconspicuous and space saving option, projector lifts provide the ability to conceal your equipment in the ceiling until it’s needed. At the touch of a button, retractable screens and projectors quietly move down or up. Or consider an interactive projector that enables users to not only display wirelessly what they see on their computer screen, but to interact with it like a touch screen. LED screens are also an option. They can work well in small spaces even replacing a projection screen, or they can be spaced out in a large room to display information that’s also on the main screen so that viewers can clearly see content no matter where they are seated. A design engineer can help plan the AV in the space to perfectly suit your needs.


High Quality Sound that Looks Great too!

Your audio should sound great, fit the needs and build of your space, and work seamlessly with your décor. There are 4 major options when it comes to sound:


-In-Ceiling Speakers offer a clean look for buildings with drop ceilings as they are embedded and flush with the ceiling. They can be color coordinated so they practically disappear. They offer quality sound that permeates the space as they can be spread out to fully envelop the room. However, if you are considering these, keep in mind that there is a minimum depth required between the load-bearing and drop ceiling. If your building does not meet this requirement, then you can go with pendant or surface mount speakers. Always get an integrator involved if you are unsure.


-Pendant Speakers are well suited for venues with open architecture or high ceilings. There are many options available that provide a stylish look while providing excellent coverage. They hang lower to bring the sound closer to the audience and provide a good solution to rooms that may have difficult acoustics.


-Surface Mount Speakers are another option if in-celling speakers can’t be installed. With so many options available, there is one to match almost any style imaginable. They are more budget friendly than other options, while still providing quality sound.


-Outdoor Weather Resistant Speakers are the way to go if you’re creating sound for an outside venue or an area where speakers will be affected by the elements. They can come in the form of rocks to blend in to the landscape or simply mount to the ceiling, walls or poles outside.


Automated Convenience

An integrated control system allows any user to operate the AV system easily and quickly. Operating all of the equipment in the room with just the touch of a button removes any guesswork and is extremely reliable.


-Volume Control – Adjust volume levels to your needs by sliding or tapping the controller

-Lighting – Manually control the lighting as well as set automatic timers for lights to turn on or off when you want.

-Display Control – Users that need to plug in their computer or flash drives can easily connect with a display control system.

-Video Conferencing – Fully engage with clients, customers or students from around the globe with a video conferencing system.

-Video Streaming – A control system will ensure the reliable presentation of streaming video removing the worry that your video will not play in the middle of your meeting.


Amplify Your Audio

Amplifiers are the driving force behind any great system. Bring power and clarity to your audio by making sure you select the right amplifier that will not only correspond to the needs of your space, but also the needs of your equipment. Too weak of an amplifier won’t give you the sound quality you want, while too strong of an amplifier may overload the speakers and cause them not to function. Careful selection is key to make sure you get optimal results!


Planning is Essential for Success

For superior performance and seamless integration be sure to contact a professional integrator to make sure your equipment will all work together smoothly and create flawless functionality. You wouldn’t want to purchase expensive components that don’t work together or fit the space. Make sure to engage with an integrator that can incorporate your needs and also future proof you from technology that may change quickly.

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