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4 Advantages to Digital Signage

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Digital Signage is one of the hottest new trends in AV.  It offers an interactive and easy to use take on communicating with your audience whether it be employees, customers, suppliers or any other group you need to target. Updates to software now allow users to quickly and easily modify content, update events, and more. Digital signage systems such as Elementi  from SpinetiX provide widgets for things like weather, traffic, stock market information or a myriad of other display options including those that allow you to create your own custom information. The systems compile and broadcast information on networked displays using all types of media including images, video, and text feeds.


What are the advantages of Digital Signage?


-It’s a natural way to deliver information.

We have been acclimated to looking at screens and displaying information in the same manner is now second nature to us making it more impactful.


-Information is real-time

Whether it’s news, schedule changes, lunch menus, weather, or traffic, information can be updated as it happens making it responsive to the environment and the fast paced nature of the world today.


-Display multiple blocks of information at one time

You can combine blocks of different information onto one screen or amongst different screens in different locations. Show meeting schedules in the meeting area and an exhibit hall map in the exhibit area, or display both on one display.


-Costs less and is more environmentally friendly than printing

Printing costs money and you have to re-print each time there is a change to the information being provided. With digital signage, you can simply update the information via the software and Voila…it’s instantly available onscreen. And with less printing, there’s less waste, making it a much greener option.


The usefulness of digital signage is limitless and can be used in so many applications. It’s versatility and the fact that information can be updated instantly and provided in real-time make it a prime choice for an organization. What you display is limited only by your imagination.

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