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3 Reasons Why 4K Video Conferencing Cameras are the Better Choice

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Video conferencing cameras are beginning to make the jump to 4K giving consumers the choice between 1080p and the more advanced 4K. While 4K cameras are still a bit pricier, there’s certainly a case to be made for the investment.

Immersive Quality

Imagine a video product demonstration where the image is so crystal clear, it’s as if you were sitting in the same room. No detail goes unseen or is blurry due to lack of video quality. Meetings become more immersive due to the feeling that remote participants are sitting right in front of you with no facial expression or whiteboard notations ever being unclear or hard to read.

Detailed close-ups

Applications such as telemedicine or quality assurance require detailed views to assess the situation and with 4K video’s near lossless digital zoom you can zoom in up to five times with minimal quality loss. With lossless digital zoom many more pixels are captured than the final definition of the image, allowing for a very efficient zoom that is ultimately as clear as the original image.

More than just video conferencing

Training videos, tutorials, product demos and more can be distributed internally or via YouTube or Twitch to promote your business and 4K video helps you deliver crisp, quality video to viewers. 4K’s superior quality video is also advantageous when it comes to surveillance or monitoring high-risk patients in a hospital.

Video conferencing has welcomed 4K into it’s realm and businesses are taking notice. The trend will most likely continue with compatibility and demand increasing and technologies continuing to improve.

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