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Video conferencing has dramatically improved the way we do business. With the amount of bandwidth available today, IP-based video has made conferencing an affordable reality. With the ability to produce rich sound and DVD-quality video (even HD), a video conference now means you can have a face-to-face meeting without the headache and expense of travel. We supply our customers with ideal video conferencing units and integrate them into an entire system design or existing A/V setup.

Save Time & Money

Video conferencing lets you have face-to-face meetings without the headaches or travel expenses. Using the power of video conferencing solutions, you can save your business time and money by integrating a system that’s easy to use and engaging, while instantly improving productivity and communication throughout all your campuses or locations.

Improve the Way You Do Business

With bandwidth no longer an issue, IP-based video has made virtual conferencing an affordable reality. By providing instant communications for your teams, no matter where they are located, productivity will grow across your teams and work groups. Reinforced relationships and real-time collaboration among team members, and employees, are just two more ways your business will improve with video conferencing capabilities.

Start Small and Scale Your Way Up

From small, homegrown camera solutions and displays at each end to large scale, multi-room switching matrixes incorporating audio and video across multiple locations, video conferencing is quickly becoming a mainstream staple of corporate culture. Your Pro AV Systems team can help you create your own flexible video conferencing solutions at the scale and scope fitting your needs, with the flexibility for future expansion.

Go Mobile

With tablet and mobile phone hardware approaching the power of laptops, the ability to produce rich sound and high quality video is now at your fingertips. Integrating your tablets and phones with existing video conferencing equipment and software allows you to go completely mobile. Turn your iPad into a portable video conferencing room; login to web meetings from your Android tablet; control a virtual presentation from your Microsoft Surface. Your Pro AV Systems team will make sure your system and integration flow across all your devices.

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