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Whether in an educational environment or a corporate arena, projectors can improve any presentation.  Our installed systems eliminate set-up time and provide a state-of-the-art look to all of your projected images. With a single push of a button, you will be off and running, giving you all the tools you need to succeed.  You no longer have to huddle around a monitor to view presentations. Projectors have quickly become the centerpiece of functional and interactive environments. Pro AV Systems is deeply rooted in projector technology and will work with you to find an effective solution for any budget.

Know Your Applications

Projectors are low cost, reliable solutions for most applications. Clear, large, and quick to set up, they limit down time and wait time for teachers, students, and presenters. Projectors are an effective solution for any budget, for both intimate and large venue spaces. Whether your space is dark or filled with tons of natural light, your Pro AV Systems team can match the correct projector with your needs.

Light Output – White vs. Color

To display your content with the best possible visual clarity and brightness, the most important part of a projector is the amount of light it passes. Each projector, whose light output is measured in lumens, rates differently, but when looking at output lumens, you should focus particularly on white light output vs. color light output. The closer the white light output is to the color light output in lumens, the truer the measurement – and the less your projector will dim or distort when displaying different colors.


Interactive Projectors are the newest trend, bringing interactivity directly to the projector, rather than relying on a computer or interactive board. This breakthrough technology is revolutionizing classrooms, by allowing you to use any surface to project on and instantly become interactive. Interactive projectors can be pen/stylus or touch screen operated, making them ideal for classroom use, and giving teachers the tools they need to engage students and succeed in a 21st century learning environment.

Future Proofing

To extend the life of your investment, connectivity and resolution are two more important factors to consider when purchasing a projector. HDMI and display ports are quickly phasing out VGA from computer and projector connections. This move from analog to digital output signals is important to account in your new investment, if you want your equipment life to be longer than a few years. Additionally, while purchasing a projector with multiple HDMI ports may seem like overkill now, it’s important to leave the door open to add more connection sources (such as tablets, smartphones, or new technologies we have yet to even see) in the future.

Client Testimonial

"Pro AV is the best you can get in New England, plain and simple. From product selection to installation, and support - everything is first-rate. Certainly the most professional audio / visual company I have worked with. We went "all in" with Pro AV several years ago when it came time to provide projectors, interactive boards and audio systems to our district of 2,000 students and teachers. We were not disappointed and the tech is still going strong!"

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