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Design-Build services from Pro AV Systems are second-to-none. With an Engineering department focused on innovative design and customized solutions, our team’s detailed analysis matches best-of-breed equipment with the functionality required for your unique settings. We recommend the best products to fulfill your needs now and into the future. Our goal is to modernize your space with the best possible technology solutions, while integrating pieces that are easy-to-use and simple to understand. Our engineers begin each project with a walk-thru of your space, design with your institution’s goals and needs in mind, and close your project with in-depth troubleshooting and testing, so you can be assured your system will work when, and how, you need it to.


Our sales team is focused on using technology to make your business more successful and help your days run more smoothly. We provide you with best-of-breed products at an affordable price, while matching functionality and equipment to your specific setting, because each customer is unique. We’re educated and trained on industry standards, but we never stop learning. We’re constantly trying to expand our knowledge of how things work and why they work – and we’ve been very successful through this focus. We’re dedicated and loyal, to each other and our customers, because we live in many of the same towns we work in, and we want to see our communities learn and embrace these technologies. We empower our customers and users by keeping in mind how satisfied we’d be with the quality of our installation work, the capabilities and opportunities each technology presents, and the pricing of our solutions.


Pro AV’s installation staff of highly-qualified and friendly audio visual professionals carries all major industry certifications, employing experts in Crestron, Extron, Biamp, Polycom, and Cisco. This allows our staff to provide systems that create a simple user experience, letting your end-users embrace technology and incorporate it into their everyday lives. Our installation team’s detail-oriented, talented, and always has your best interests in mind on a job site, testing each and every component so you can be assured your system will work when, and how, you need it to. We’re passionate about our craft, driven by becoming your partner and supporter, and inspired by your ideas and how we can bring them to fruition.


Pro AV’s customer service and operations team truly puts our customers first, and get things done. We do what we say and we do it well. We’re pioneers in designing AV systems, efficient in our installations, and proficient in our trainings. We simplify the most complex designs, translating them into something anyone can operate. We care about all of our customers, regardless of the scale or scope of your project – from one-room installations or projector sales, to a full design of a new construction building or renovation project – and have experience with all levels and types of jobs.


Our engineers and programmers are proficient in multiple control programming languages, with some of the best Crestron and Extron programmers in the region. We’re also very skilled with DSP programming, focusing primarily on Biamp, Symetrix, and BSS controls, but understanding how to work within the confines of other systems, integrating and utilizing every piece to deliver the best possible experience. After learning your wants and needs in our initial meeting, our team will turn that information into the appropriate programs, and create a custom GUI for your applications. They test, tweak, and debug your programs before bringing them on-site, ensuring things are solid and work when you need them to. After performing an in-depth quality control session and making any final adjustments, our install engineers will then load your program, making sure you’re happy with the final product.


At Pro AV Systems, our job is only half done when your installation is complete. Our friendly sales and training staff make certain you know, and understand, the capabilities of the new AV system in your space. Ease-of-use and simplicity are of utmost importance, so we can make sure even the most timid users are up and running, in some capacity, on Day 1. We don’t expect our users to mold their way of doing things to the technology; rather, they should grow with it and learn the ways it can best enhance their lives.


The team at Pro AV Systems has been designing, engineering, and installing AV systems for many years, and we understand how to integrate and configure systems for customers of all sizes. From your initial walk through and needs assessment meeting, our team will understand your goals, listen to your ideas, realize your concerns, and take them all into account while consulting on your project. Our ultimate objective and core focus is to design a system that meets your needs, is easy for your end-users to use and operate, and enhances your productivity, collaboration, and communication. We understand the importance of our role as a consultant, and will work closely with you throughout your entire project, offering advice and services along the way.

"Pro AV Systems was contracted as part of Energi’s expansion of our home office in Peabody Massachusetts. They came to us highly referred by one of our other vendors that we work with on an ongoing basis. Pro AV provided support in the design of our audio visual layout which included 8 conference rooms and 3 large training rooms. They were very knowledgeable in the design of the systems and selection of technology to make using the rooms extremely easy for any of our employees to connect to the various media displays. At our request Pro AV also recommended a room scheduling software that has made reserving conference and training rooms extremely simple and effective prevent us from having to constantly search for vacant rooms. Their work was above and beyond our expectations. They work was completed at the tail end of the construction process over finished surfaces. They took great care to prevent any damage and worked in a very clean and organized manner. They adhered to their contract price, with the exception of us have them rework 2 of our existing conference rooms after we saw how good the new rooms looked and how user friendly the interface they created was. Through the entire process Pro AV was extremely easy to work with and very professional. I have referred them to several other people since our job was completed and would not hesitate to use them again in the future."

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