technology to connect doctors and patients

Pro AV Systems in Healthcare

Pro AV Systems has the expertise to outfit your healthcare offices and medical facilities with some of the most innovative and secure technologies coming to the market today. We can help engineer and install any of the technologies your facility requires, and train you and your staff on them once we are finished.

Lobby & Waiting Areas

Lobby and waiting areas in a hospital or doctor’s office have much more than just a few magazines now; many are fully outfitted with flat panels, digital signage, and audio control. Pro AV Systems can help your facility design a digital signage template or platform, to service and inform all of your patients, with simple solutions that can be operated by almost anyone on your staff. With audio systems and sound masking, waiting rooms remain private, and consultation room noise doesn’t travel to where it’s not wanted.

Offices & Administrative Areas

In addition to lobby and waiting areas, administrative offices are also focusing on incorporating technology. Interactivity in these areas fosters collaboration and increases productivity, creating a more inviting office space and work environment. The addition of flat panels and projectors makes impromptu meetings plausible, removing the frustrations of gathering around a small screen or having to reserve a conference room weeks in advance for a presentation or proposal.

Learning Facility

Classrooms are not the only places that learning happens anymore, as our teams are seeing a trend towards medical simulation labs and learning facilities being outfitted with interactive technology. Facilities are incorporating secure live and recorded streaming solutions, creating a more robust and collaborative environment for their students and teachers. These advances keep students in the lab, learning and understanding the medical implications of each situation they are faced with, while giving them the chance to review their performance under pressure later. Technology in these applications helps give students a well-rounded experience and education.


Boardrooms are quickly becoming more technology focused, with control systems, projectors that recess into the ceiling, and complete video conferencing capabilities. These systems are making hospitals and doctors’ offices more efficient, effective, and productive. Whether you’re looking for a simple projector and screen to enhance your space, or need a more complex system to control your entire room and phone system, our team can help design something to fit your needs. State-of-the-art technology and security are of utmost importance when designing AV systems for medical applications, and Pro AV Systems understands how to provide the best solutions for your facility.