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Streaming video is a powerful tool in both the work place and, especially, the classroom, helping meet the needs of the K-12 environment by supporting the Flipped Classroom, BYOD, Tablet Integrations, and other types of 21st century technology initiatives.  Principals and administrators are able to deliver morning announcements, priority alerts and daily news to teachers from any location. Students and teachers can log in to view videos from anywhere, review materials, and learn at their own pace.

Spillover Spaces

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and video streaming are great ways to increase attendance and viewings of your events and meetings. Pro AV System can help you create a “spillover space”; another location broadcasting your feed, so anyone who can’t be in the room watching your speaker or presenter live can still participate and watch from another part of the building. Spillover spaces are quickly gaining popularity in schools, businesses, and even religious facilities.

Streaming to the Public

Streaming lets you record and distribute any feed over your network – both internally and to the public. While the details can get complicated, the concept is simple, can be achieved in many different ways, and can solve many problems your business or school may have. Grandparents who can’t attend graduation? Parents stuck at work for their child’s last game? Colleagues across the globe who can’t travel to your national sales meeting? Pro AV’s streaming video solutions can help in all of these situations, and more, with streams across the public internet. Your streams can be free, paid for, or even locked down, depending on your organization’s needs.

IPTV on Mobile Devices

From broadcasting live events to worldwide audiences to publishing on-demand video across internal portals, company websites, and mobile applications, cloud-based video content managers provide you with the tools you need to get the right content to the right audience, wherever they are. Your streams are efficiently delivered, allowing users to view high-quality video content from any computer, tablet, or phone. With cloud management systems that recognize what device they’re broadcasting to, and adapt your transcoding stream accordingly, your audience gets the best viewing experience at all times.

Personalized Video on Demand

It’s great to be able to watch a stream live; it’s even better to be able to watch it after the fact. Personalized Video on Demand allows your users to access past presentations, guest speakers, or meetings, and view it when they’re ready. This essentially creates a flipped classroom in schools, allowing students to watch videos and lessons at home, while doing the work in the classroom. The ability to add metadata, bookmarking, and additional comments creates a media-rich VoD server as your content grows, easily searchable and simple for everyone to use. Pro AV Systems will help you design the best solution for your needs, while making sure you have enough storage space and room to grow with your VoD server.

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