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Unlock the true potential of computer based presentations. These interactive whiteboards allow you to annotate your presentations, make handwritten notes as you would on a regular whiteboard, and control any application with the touch of your finger or pen. Once you are finished, you can leave with everything, including your notes, in a digital format stored to your computer or USB drive for future use or distribution. This is not just a touch screen. This is an innovation in how to present in a conference room and how to teach in a classroom. This is total control at your fingertips.

Design Specifications

Whether you’re renovating, in a new construction, or overhauling your current room or facility, it’s important to get your design specifications right, to match your equipment with the capabilities and functionalities you need. By introducing an integrator, like Pro AV Systems, to your project in the early planning stages, you’ll know that your equipment will work the way you expect it to, and be the best fit for your budget and facility constraints. Our Design-Build and engineers fully customize your solutions to your applications.

Green Solutions

Aside from being environmentally friendly, using green solutions can reduce energy costs, extend the life of your equipment, and increase your school or company’s sustainable Cradle-to-Cradle certifications. Using recyclable technology, reducing the amount of heavy metals, and ensuring that the products are resistant to fading, UV lights, pollutants, and other types of shock means your eco-friendly solutions can last you a lifetime. Green technology can also be wireless, which means no annoying cords, cables or costly installations; just straightforward technology that enhances your presentation in any space.

Open Architecture

When the education landscape is so drastically and rapidly changing, the last thing you want is to be tied down to a specific software platform. By choosing a hardware platform that’s software-agnostic, all the programs, websites, and interactive packages your instructors are used to using are going to work on your system.

Warranties Matter

While technology changes, it’s still important to get the most out of your investment with a solid warranty. Some solutions offer a lifetime warranty, while others offer 3 years; overnight exchange policies can be game-changers when you completely depend on your system. By fully exploring warranty policies and extended warranty options before your purchase, you’ll know you’re covered even in a worst-case scenario – and avoid any surprise of your product’s warranty becoming void by using it in certain settings.

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