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Pro AV Systems in Education

Technology in education is always evolving, with new developments and products hitting the market daily. Whether you’re building a new school, renovating an existing project, or just looking for new classroom equipment, Pro AV can help you decide exactly what you need, and what fits those needs. We can help you design a classroom, auditorium, or theater space that’s exactly what you need now, while leaving you room to grow and expand in the future, without pigeon-holing you into specifics.

Classroom Technology

It’s hard to keep pace with the changing landscape of educational technology; that’s why Pro AV Systems does it for you. Regardless of your pedagogy, we can recommend products and solutions that fit your school’s teaching methods and ideas. From interactive whiteboards to projectors, document cameras, and wireless control, we can make sure your technology grows with you and adapts to your styles, so you don’t have to change who you are and how you teach to make the technology work.

Large Venue Equipment

In addition to classrooms, larger spaces within a school, such as cafeterias, auditoriums, and gymnasiums, are also important, and Pro AV can help design those spaces too. Matching equipment and functionality to the parameters of your space is critical in these types of rooms, and our engineers understand projector throw distances, screen size limitations, and audio system issues, allowing them to combat all the trouble spots many schools run into.

Specialty Rooms

Collaboration is the latest buzzword in educational technology; customers are constantly trying to find new ways to innovate and create environments that foster teamwork in their schools. With the popularity of the flipped classroom rising, Pro AV Systems is always seeking new ways to incorporate collaboration spaces inside of schools and classrooms. From different types of tables to software, and even simple control systems, we enable teachers and students to form learning partnerships inside, and outside, of the classroom.

Administrative Spaces

With technology integration quickly spreading across many different types of administrative spaces within schools, it’s not just for classroom and large venue spaces anymore. Many new school and renovation projects are integrating digital signage, video conferencing, and IPTV, to future proof themselves from the next wave of technological advances. Whether your principal is looking to record and stream morning announcements to his students, display sports schedules throughout your building, or even have total control over turning projectors on and off at the start and end of each day, Pro AV Systems has the right solutions for your institution.

“I have bought and had installed 18 ENO Boards with projectors and changed out 7 SMART projectors with Epson projectors. Pro AV is a very reliable and an easy company to deal with. When they setup a install date and time they will be there on time and their install teams are very professional and friendly.”