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Are you looking to make a visual impact? Maybe you’re looking for a state-of-the-art emergency broadcast system. Whatever your needs may be, digital signage can be a value add to your facility and look great too. With the ability to send messages, videos, or any other content to a display from a remote PC the applications become endless. There are far too many uses for digital signage to list all them here, but here’s a few key solutions: Campus/Facility-wide communication, Emergency Alerts, Information Boards, Retail Marketing, Faculty Directories, and Touchscreen Kiosk.


Whether you’re looking for a simple menu board or more complex picture-in-video solutions, Pro AV Systems has the flexible and scalable software to accompany the hardware platform of your choice. Your digital signage can start with a few devices and expand over time; all our solutions are based on a common hardware platform, management interfaces, and industry standards, and all models are compatible.

Future Proof

Your needs tomorrow may be very different from today, and your system has to be able grow with you. Your Pro AV Systems team can help adapt your system as your needs change. With our open architecture solutions, the sky’s the limit; play full HD videos, watch smooth crawling text feeds, and flawless animations with the press of a button.

Cost-Effective & Affordable

Your digital signage should be simple to use, without any hidden fees or recurring licensing costs. Whether you use simple or complex software, Pro AV Systems can help you develop a cost-effective custom solution for your application, and make sure it works for your needs.

client testimonial

"Our digital signage allows us to create bright, attention-getting messages of upcoming library events, advertise updates and highlight new policies. It has been a great way for the Friends of the Library to attract members and advertise their programs. On a more creative note, we experimented with slide shows or "60-second art-fests" of local artists. Having a different player for each floor helps us tailor information to specific departments. Outstanding technical support is just an email or phone call away to find the answer and get the result we need."

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