state-of-the-art technology for your boardroom or training facility

Pro AV Systems in the Workplace

A conference room says a lot about your company as a whole. Is your facility in need of a facelift? If you’re looking to upgrade your training room, board room, or other areas in your office building, Pro AV Systems can help design and engineer solutions tailored to your company’s exact needs. From simple installations to complex, networked displays, we can help with all aspects of your corporate facility.


Corporate boardrooms are quickly becoming more technology-focused, with control systems, projectors that recess into the ceiling, and complete video conferencing capabilities. These systems are making businesses more efficient, effective, and productive. Whether you’re looking for a simple projector and screen to enhance your space, or need a more complex system to control your entire room and phone system, Pro AV Systems can help design something to fit your needs.

Training Facilities

Corporate training facilities have come a long way, with trainings becoming far more interactive. Pro AV Systems enjoys the challenge of making your training facilities more fun. By installing interactive whiteboards, projectors, control systems, and video conferencing equipment, you’ll move far beyond one person talking for an entire day. Whether your trainings happen in-person or virtually, our team can help them run smoothly and efficiently, making everyone happy.

General Office Common Areas

Common office areas are not just for sitting and waiting for your meeting to begin anymore. As companies seek more versatile furniture and AV technology in their common areas, they’re now spaces for productive meetings, inspiring conversations, and important calls. With these spaces out in the open, sound masking is also becoming a hot button item for them, so that conversations are not overheard and ambient background noise doesn’t interrupt important business.

Lobbies & Advertising Space

Advertising comes at a premium nowadays, making it important for a business to utilize every wall space and corner of their office building. Digital signage in your lobby is used to convey welcome messages to new clients, showcase important news, and even display emergency alerts. Flat panels work in tandem with office control systems, creating a cohesive unit that can be operated and supported by office staff, who can easily update content and sources.

"[The new gear] looks GREAT. I also tried the wireless function and that worked perfect as well. Thanks again for getting a very nice, professional system in here for us. We're hosting a [meeting] in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to use it. The environment was difficult given the fixed table, [ ... ] etc., but Pro AV put in a good presentation solution."