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The correct audio system is what sets A/V companies apart from one another. With engineers dedicated to system design and the buying power to select the ideal components, we promise crisp, clear sound – void of humming or interference. With quality products at every price range, we can give you professional sound for any application. From a small classroom speaker to a complex PA system, we have the know-how you expect and service you need.

Sound Pressure Levels

When deciding on audio for your space, sound pressure levels are one of the most important things to consider. Sound pressure levels refer to the pressure deviation from the average, which results in a sound wave. An average ideal target for these levels is 89 dB; but some venues require even, clear distribution, while others just require loud sound. Your Pro AV Systems team can help you determine what works best for your application and make sure the appropriate decibel levels for your space are achieved.


Aesthetics may seem simple, but aside from the sound of your speakers, their looks stand out most. Do you need in-wall or surface-mounted speakers? Should your speakers be recessed into the ceiling tiles? Are you looking for white, black, or a different color to complement your space? With the importance of aesthetics for your business or school, these are all things to consider when choosing your speakers.

Distributed Audio

Distributed audio systems (also known as 70-volt, or constant power, systems) allow your speakers to be chained together, their sound levels easily raised or lowered, while maintaining consistent sound throughout your space. These systems are achieved through transformers built into speakers and amplifiers, and used to properly supply power. Their size can be adapted to your application, whether it’s for music, voice projections, or simple background noise. Your Pro AV Systems sound engineers will help determine the right size and fit for your school or business, and obtain optimal sound clarity, by understanding your intended uses, and whether your system is background, foreground, or a combination of the two.

Dispersion Control

In many audio settings, dispersion control plays a large role in determining which speakers to use, and how audio will be distributed throughout your space, to best eliminate unwanted echos. To create a sound pattern which prevents reflection and works optimally for your space, your Pro AV Systems sound engineers will utilize sound waves and patterns as a means to cancel other dispersion patterns. Various products to help with dispersion control include line arrays, stadium horns, and column speakers, and our team can specify the best equipment for your application.

“Our experience with Amber Lane and her team at Pro AV Systems has been nothing but positive. She made several site visits and provided expert product knowledge to develop plans for high quality sound systems at our baseball field, softball field, and in our gymnasium. The Pro AV team clearly values customer satisfaction and has made follow-up visits to our facility to evaluate sound performance.”

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