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At Pro AV Systems, our job is only half done when your installation is complete. Our friendly sales and training staff make certain you know, and understand, the capabilities of the new AV system in your space. Ease-of-use and simplicity are of utmost importance, so we can make sure even the most timid users are up and running, in some capacity, on Day 1. We don't expect our users to mold their way of doing things to the technology; rather, they should grow with it and learn the ways it can best enhance their lives.

Training Videos

Below you’ll find helpful videos and tips to make using your technology go more smoothly, so you can focus on more important things at your school or business.

Epson Training Videos

Epson – Using Epson Multi-PC Projection with Moderator Software – Chapter 2 – Moderator Software

Learn how to use and set up Epson Moderator Software, and how to display content, share wirelessly, and collaborate with up to 50 participants.

(Flash Video, can only be viewed on desktop devices)

Epson – iProjection App Overview

Learn how to use the iProjection App, to project photos, documents, and webpages from your iPhone or iPad.

(Flash Video, can only be viewed on desktop devices)

Epson Brightlink – Using Computer-Free Annotation over a Video Source

Learn how to use PC-Free Annotation mode, to annotate over sources other than your computer, such as DVD players, Apple TV, or other source connections, at your projector.

(Flash Video, can only be viewed on desktop devices)

Epson Brightlink 595Wi – Calibrating for Finger Tip

Learn how to calibrate the finger touch capabilities for the Epson 595wi or 1430wi projector.

(Flash Video, can only be viewed on desktop devices)

Other Helpful Training Videos

Brightlink Pro Basics

Learn the basic tools and functionalities of the Brightlink Pro - all possible without a computer connection to the projector.

Deploying AirMedia in an Enterprise Crestron AM 100

Learn how to set up an AirMedia solution, for presentations, content sharing, and collaboration in your location.

Setting up a Huddle Station Crestron DMPS3 4K 150 C

Learn how to simply set up a huddle station in your location, integrating both HDMI and VGA sources, audio and video, as well as USB for peripheral devices, and use the LED buttons to select your source.

Setting up an Eno Flex AB Board Steelcase Eno FlexAB280

Learn how to set up an Eno Flex AB board, to give yourself 16 feet of extended display space and double your digital note taking capabilities.

Sound Masking Basics Cambridge Sound Management

Understand the basics, and importance, of sound masking and sound privacy, so that employees can increase productivity and decrease sound distractions in today’s open concept office floor plans.

Pro AV Systems Interactive Solution

Tour the Interactive touch panel solution from Pro AV Systems, utilizing Windows 8 operating system and any interactive flat panel on the market.

Pro AV Systems Demo 595wi

Tour the Brightlink 595wi - the worlds first touch enabled interactive projector, made by Epson.

InFocus JTouch: Interactive Whiteboard

Learn how to use the Interactive Whiteboard and other annotation features of the Infocus JTouch product.

InFocus JTouch: Casting

Learn how to simply use the Casting Feature of the Infocus JTouch products.

Epson 697Ui Demo - Pro AV Systems

New Epson Brightlink 697Ui - 4400 Lumens, WUXGA, Wireless Capabilities, 10,000 lamp life, Pen and Finger Interactive Projector

Infocus JTouch – Using LightCast Key

Learn how to simply use the LightCast Key of the Infocus JTouch products.

Infocus Big Touch

Learn to use the Infocus Big Touch product

Other Helpful Links

Here are some websites and videos for you to check out that you may find helpful, and/or fun, for you and for students. Enjoy!