Pippa Bishop

Office Pet

Pippa is responsible for greeting new guests and visitors to the office, making sure the floor is clean of any dropped food, and bringing a smile to employee’s faces on a daily basis.

About Pippa

Pippa joined the Pro AV Systems team at the young age of 6 weeks old, and has been part of our team for the last 4 years. While only just a puppy, she spent her afternoons napping on David’s desk while he worked at his computer, exploring new places in the warehouse, and just growing up in general. To this day, Pippa loves to spend her days running throughout the office and napping, only to be woken up for belly scratches and the occasional treat from the UPS man.

Pippa strives to be the happiest office pet of all time, and has been coming to work with (and even without) David ever since she was brought home to Chelmsford, MA. She loves seeing new faces in the office, greeting children that come in every once in awhile, and seeing all the other special people that help care for her during the day.

In addition to enjoying her days at the office, Pippa loves to vacation with her family and friends, wrestle with other puppy companions, and play fetch with Frisbees. Her favorite thing to do is celebrate birthdays at the office, because inevitably, she always gets some leftover vanilla ice cream! Pippa lives in Chelmsford, MA, with her human parents, David and Allie, and her human brother, Cam.