Les Bishop

CFO & Owner

Les runs the sales and engineering departments at Pro AV. He works closely with them to make sure systems are engineering properly and projects are finished well, and on-time.

About Les

Les started his career long ago, as an electrical engineer in the semi-conductor business. He developed an interest in AV and the inner workings of system design after selling displays at Philips, back when CRT’s were big, and dinosaurs roamed the earth. With a knack for engineering and building, and an internal hunger for inventing things to solve problems, Les was a natural fit for the AV industry. When he co-founded Pro AV with his wife, Kim, he wanted to build a better company that had the ability to customize solutions, instead of just providing the same old thing. His passion and drive to create something better than the other guys, utilizing the latest in technology and making affordable solutions for clients, has made him one of the most successful integrators in the industry, and a mentor to many Pro AV employees.

Les loves complex engineering and learning the reasoning behind it, and often tries to pass that information along to his customers and employees. While some may think he’s just long-winded, Les truly does care about each and every conversation he has, and takes the time to think about his reactions, decisions, and conclusions, because at the end of the day, that’s what keeps him in business. He loves sports and a good friendly competition, and on Tuesday nights can be found with a number of his colleagues playing basketball at the local school. He has coached both of his sons, playing baseball and hockey, and has grand plans to do that with his grandchildren as well.

Les grew up on the coast of Maine, went to college at the University of Maine, and has the accent to prove it. Fishing, lobstering, and all things water-related are his life outside of work, and he loves spending time with his family at his lake house in Maine. As valedictorian of his high school class, Les found his way as a natural-born leader, and he’s been volunteering and giving back to his home town and high school that made him that way ever since. Need an engine fixed? Ask Les. Looking for a brief history of mechanical engineering? Ask Les. Just need someone to drink a Patron margarita with? Les is your guy.

We get to decide every day how that day will go. Attitude is everything.