Kim Bishop

President & Owner

Kim oversees all departments and decisions. She works tirelessly to make the company a productive, yet exciting, work environment for all of her employees.

About Kim

Kim started Pro AV back in 1999, as a small consultant-based company, before taking a risk in creating a bigger, more widespread organization a few years later. Pro AV was built on the basis of customer service, customized design, and quality engineering, and we have kept close to those original goals under Kim’s leadership. She understands the importance of getting the right people on board to make our company successful, and remains excited each day about the team she’s created to solve some of the industry’s most complex problems and offer affordable solutions for clients. Prior to starting Pro AV Systems, Kim ran HR in multiple different companies, before landing in an AV company where she learned the craft and developed her passion for technology.

Kim saw the importance of building a company that focused on the customer first. She loves the changes and improvements that happen so rapidly within the AV industry, and she’s passionate about staying ahead of the curve with the technology. Her positive outlook, level-headed decision-making ability, and caution in jumping into new products or markets make her a great manager, and an even better boss, to work for. With a smile on her face, Kim approaches each day, and each problem, with the best intentions of the company and her employees in mind, but never forgets the little things in life that make the hard work worth it.

Aside from watching the Bachelorette, eating sushi, and traveling, the most important people in Kim’s life are her family; specifically, her grandchildren Elton, Willow, Cameron and Lucas. Her favorite spot to go to – in the spring, summer, or fall – is her camp in Franklin, Maine, where she can relax and unwind from all things Pro AV. She loves water sports, swimming, and most recently, fishing (the deep sea kind too!). She loves picking blueberries and going on adventure hikes with her children and grandchildren, cherishing each moment she can spend with them and make new memories.

The Pro AV Team is like my second family, and I care about each and every one of my employees. Watching the successes that each member achieves over the years has been a rewarding feeling, as I feel that I helped make a difference in their lives, as they have made a difference in mine.