Chris Roma

Technical Sales Representative

Chris is responsible for the technical side of sales in Maine. He and his team of engineers and installers design, install and service some of the most high quality systems in the state.

About Chris

From an early age, Chris Roma always had a knack and interest for AV.  As a kid, he took apart radios and experimented with electricity and music – eventually finding a way to put everything back together.  He brought his love for electronics with him to the Navy for 8 years, as an Electronics Technician, fostering his skills and furthering his interest in AV by sending him to electronic schools, engineering classes and assigning him to the White House Communications Agency.  He was there for just over 3 years where he supported President George Bush, Sr. and his staff at the White House and on the road (even getting to fly in Air Force One!).  He eventually worked his way up in the ranks to  a lead AV Producer position at WHCA, traveling around the country and the world with the POTUS, designing and installing the AV gear needed in the next location.  He would even announce the President onto the stage!

Following his loyal stint in the Navy, Chris joined an AV contracting firm in Arlington, VA. as their  Service Manager and continuing to make service visits to the White House Situation Room and other high and low profile meeting rooms. Chris continued his formal education during his travels and graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.

During his seven years as a Service Manager he earned his CTS-I from InfoComm in one of the first classes to graduate from the new InfoComm/ICIA Academy and continues to hold that designation. He moved back to his home town in Maine in 2000 with his wife, Dawn, and at the time three young children taking a job at Headlight AV in Portland to direct the Installation and Engineering Departments. He was soon asked to be the Director of Engineering and Sales. During that time he was in charge of designing, installing, servicing and training customers throughout the state of Maine, and helped to grow the direction of the company into what it is today.  Now, joining  Team Pro AV Systems, Chris hopes to help grow the business in the state even more using his experience and integrity focusing on the technical aspect of AV while still specializing in customer relations and satisfaction.

Chris continues to live in Standish, ME with his wife, and is a proud new grandfather to Charlotte this past May 2016. When not inside working on carpentry and electrical projects he enjoys the outdoors and shares that passion with his family and friends spending time together snowmobiling, on/off road motorcycle riding and hunting. Chris enjoys “working” in the yard taking laps around the yard with his mower ensuring the lawn is trimmed and flower gardens are looking their best. His love for music continues to be a part of his life, jamming with his friends playing acoustic guitar and providing vocals. Chris always has a song playing in his head.

I cannot make a promise on anything that I personally or professionally do not have control of. I can, however, promise to do my best with great sincerity and integrity in everything that I do and can control.