Amber Requia

Maine Sales Manager

Amber is responsible for Education and Corporate Sales within the state of Maine, and keeps our Portland office up and running on a daily basis.

About Amber

At Pro AV Systems, Amber leads our Maine team and our Maine office. She wears many hats there, including sales manager, trainer, and resident gluten-free expert. After graduating with a Masters of Arts in Teaching, Amber was given the opportunity to teach teachers how to integrate technology into their classrooms, and better utilize it throughout their lessons. From that opportunity, Amber has blossomed into an exceptional sales manager, going above and beyond for her customers and their needs. As a former educator, she understands the schedule and commitment that teachers make, and always finds time to make herself available for training, and support, when they need it most.

Amber is passionate about her job and the impact it has made on teachers and educators throughout Maine. She loves knowing that the technology Pro AV Systems has provided has enhanced teaching and learning – and enjoys visiting after we have installed a system to see it all being used in full effect. Amber is a team player who has been with Pro AV for 5 years, and each day she has shown her appreciation, and dedication, to her job and her customers.

When she’s not busy quoting and selling, Amber can be found participating in any number of competitive sports or trivia contests. A former basketball player, Amber loves being outdoors and competing with her nieces and nephews. She loves working out and being physically fit (but could never live without chocolate), hanging at OOB, and being with her family in her hometown of Steuben, Maine. She currently lives in Saco, ME with her husband, Adam, and her biggest fan – her cat, Little Man.

I try to never let any issue fall through the cracks without my best effort to solve it. My clients will get a call, an email, or a visit no matter what.