Sony’s Vision Exchange Ideal for Collaboration and Active Learning

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Sony’s Vision Exchange Ideal for Collaboration and Active Learning

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Whether conference room or classroom, Sony’s Vision Exchange provides flexibility and interactivity that set the stage for effective workgroup collaboration and active learning. With wireless content sharing, students, educators or presenters can share graphs and charts, spreadsheets, images or other content wirelessly from their laptop, tablet or smartphone to their groups’ screen. Content can be simply dragged and dropped to enlarge and examine more closely. Users can annotate content or write notes on a whiteboard, all of which they can take a snapshot of and download to their connecting device to reference at a later time. Participants don’t need to be in the same room. In fact, they can be in another city or country, easily added through a video connection to a remote location. Educators or presenters can share and control content for all workgroups to effectively lead and aid group discussion.


The Remote Communication license option for corporate environments allows workgroups to connect with other sites using standards-based videoconferencing systems. Participants can also share content from their own devices as well as images with overlaid annotations and whiteboard images.


Complex IT set-ups can be found in most meeting rooms and even classrooms. However, Vision Exchange’s wireless and single-cable interface eliminates the need for fussing with cables and complicated connections to get things to work just right saving valuable time in meetings. Vision Exchange can connect up to ten workgroups with six contributors per group.

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