Wells High School

New School Construction project for Wells, Maine, where we completed all classrooms, digital signage, fitness areas, VTC room and PAC.

21st Century Classroom Technology

In Wells, Maine, the classrooms are much more than just rooms with teaching spaces.  In each room there is an interactive projector (Epson Brightlink 595Wi) on a whiteboard, and sound in the ceiling.  The whiteboards are built into the cabinetry, making the front of the classroom a seamless integration of both technology and woodworking.  The interactive projectors in Wells are setting the stage for technology in the classroom throughout the state of Maine.  With interactivity both at the finger touch and stylus level, the Epson Brightlink 595Wi is an engaging product for students and teachers alike.  It has superior brightness, clarity and colors, making it an ideal classroom tool.

Performing Arts Center


The Performing Arts Center at Wells High School is a grand space equipped with state-of-the-art large venue projection, screen, audio gear, and complex switching and control designed by our engineers.  There are also TVs outside of the PAC in the Cafe space, equipped with transmitters and receivers so that the cafe can be used as an overflow space.  The content can also be recorded and streamed throughout the building or over the internet.  There is a control panel that allows the space to be used in a basic presentation mode or a more advanced theater mode, which allows the controller to change the sound on the mixing board.  Aside from that, a speaker or presenter can control the space from the use of an iPad, allowing them to be remote throughout anywhere in the space.  Wireless capabilities allow for participants to project wirelessly to the large venue projector over the network.  There are also wired and wireless mics throughout the space, and high quality speakers that produce crisp, clear sound for those in attendance or viewing from elsewhere.

Digital Signage


In the Wells High School, there is a digital signage solution provided by Spinetix.  The solution allows a user to remotely control and display content on TVs throughout the building.  Digital Signage TVs live in the hallways, in the lobby of the building, the Learning Commons and throughout the Athletic facilities.  Additionally there is a 1×5 video wall where the school can display content over all 5 displays, allow content to flow across every TV, or segment what goes to which display.  The school uses Elementi software by Spinetix to do this.  Elementi is simple, yet powerful digital signage software. Elementi lets you create high impact projects, and deliver visually rich experience to virtually any combination of screens. Elementi with 150+ included professional and secure widgets, and the HMP players make a compelling solution for any digital signage.

Video Conferencing Room


The multimedia room, called the Fishbowl, at Wells High School is used for a wide variety of things, but it’s main purpose is to be a video conferencing room.  It houses a large, Sharp 80″ display, wireless connectivity through AirMedia by Crestron, and WideSHOT USB cameras from Vaddio.  Using these 3 items together, along with the switching gear and DSP that allows for VoIP dialing outside of the school, the staff at Wells High School is able to conference with others throughout the world.  The microphones in the space provide clear sound, regardless of where the other participants are calling in from.  Pro AV Systems engineers created this room for Wells High School so they could be comfortable holding conferences there, meetings and even special events – without having to worry about the logistics of traveling to another space.