University of New England

Full renovation of lecture halls in Harold Alfond Center for Health Sciences, as well as renovations of The President’s Boardroom in the George & Barbara Bush Center and the Marcil 318 Specialty Collaboration Classroom.

Overflow Space

Pro AV Systems helped design the full scope of lecture halls within the Harold Alfond Center for Health Sciences. One of the most important points for these rooms is the ability for each to act as an overflow space for the others. In these lecture hall spaces, we used a 32×32 matrix switcher, which creates a seamless audio and video communication between rooms. The rooms can either show all the same content, if more space is needed for a presentation, or they can be used as individual rooms. Pro AV Systems provided streaming solutions for each room, and streams are put on the network as H.264 streams. These sources are available both enterprise-wide and across the world.  Where our audio technology is based on AVB technology, we have the ability to expand our system to any room on campus, should that need arise.

Presentation Space

The importance of a lecture hall is that, first and foremost, it operates as a centralized presentation space. In the Harold Alfond Center for Health Sciences lecture hall rooms, the main presentation space is a screen and large venue projector, creating a bigger and brighter image than the university ever had prior. The addition of the secondary display allows for a second content source to be displayed during lessons. By incorporating cameras into the space, it also allows for the H.264 streams to be shown on the secondary displays, creating a truly collaborative and engaging learning environment, for the students and teachers.

Total Control

In the George & Barbara Bush Boardroom, our engineers provided a complete Crestron solution, focusing on the importance of simplistic control. The touch panel was programmed to turn the projector on, lower the projector, and lower the screen simultaneously, quickly and simply switch from local sources to web conferencing sources, as well as record and live stream the board meetings for those offsite. With the addition of cameras, the University officials are able to control and record meetings, broadcast to other locations, and see multiple feeds and angles at the same time. Additionally, this room utilizes web conferencing, replacing the traditional in-house codec with a simple AV bridge.

Mobility & Collaboration

In Marcil 318, mobility and collaboration are at the forefront of the classroom. By using reconfigurable classroom furniture, in addition to the technology, the instructor is able to either focus the students on one screen (or multiple) at the same time, or break them into many groups, without the hassle of moving heavy desks or taking a ton of time to break from the lesson. Crestron Airmedia’s populate the room, allowing for any one of the students to wirelessly present to any of the displays or screens, with any of the devices that are found in a University classroom.

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