The Experience Center at ERT

Pro AV Systems completely renovated the Experience Center at ERT, with displays of various sizes and complete control and source switching of the room.

State of the Art Equipment

Throughout the Experience Center at ERT, Pro AV Systems specified and installed some of the most state-of-the-art technology, including Commercial grade NEC LED backlit displays with recessed backboxes, so that visually the displays were flush with the wall. The displays are on articulating arm mounts so that they can be moved and viewed by participants in all parts of the room. Additionally, there are larger displays at the front of the space used for different presentation modes, and smaller secondary monitors flank the main display for additional content capabilities.

Digital Signage Mode

One of the most important aspects that todays businesses and corporations face is what to do about digital signage. In this Experience Room at ERT, Pro AV Systems has installed multiple Spinetix signage players with Elementi software throughout the space so that ERT can easily and quickly display their message. By using the complex Crestron switching gear in the background of this system, Digital Signage Mode allows for the users to display content to all 6 displays. The content can be one video that spans across the multiple displays in the room or can be individual images, but the power of the video processor gives ERT the flexibility to choose what is best for them at the time.

Presentation Mode

Throughout the space at ERT, there is the option to send the 4 rack mounted PCs to specific displays and route any source to any of the multiple displays throughout the room. The main display also has the ability to work with a Vaddio RoboSHOT PTZ camera and Shure wireless mics to allow for soft codec video conferencing. This presentation mode makes it simple for anyone to walk in and utilize the space. If a presenter has an outside source, the user can easily use ‘laptop’ mode, meaning they can connect their device to the plate at the front of the room and display their content on the main screen.

Advanced Features

By using complex switching and Crestron control in the background, ERT has the ability to send any source to any display throughout the Experience Center. Using a videowall processor and software, the corporation is able to do some pretty amazing signage and videowall type applications, really giving the space the ability to be transformed from a typical conference space into something truly unique. Specific audio and video conferencing gear allows for the room to function at a high level with VoIP dialing and soft codec software.  The programming of the room is custom to the needs and wants of ERT, and Pro AV Systems prides themselves on providing unique solutions for each customer. Our staff programmers and designers work together every step of the way to guarantee the final product is exactly as the customer envisions, often exceeding expectations.

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