Tewksbury Town Hall

Pro AV Systems recently renovated the Meeting Hall and Meeting Room spaces at Tewksbury Town Hall, resulting in a digital system that can send sources and signals throughout both spaces, record and even stream to public access TV.

Audio Enhancements

One of the most interesting parts of the room is the audio. There are 9 Listen desktop gooseneck microphones in the space for the delegates to use, which actually allow for not only the audio to be captured but also recorded through the system as well. Additionally, the microphones come with a voting and polling option, which happens digitally for all participants to view in real time. The microphones are available over multiple frequencies for improved communication and can even be used for wireless conferencing solutions. The interface is intuitive and made of upgraded technology, making it simple to integrate and easy to use. Signal LED’s on the microphones provide on/off feedback, and the unit itself has a built in loudspeaker that is smart enough to mute itself when the microphone is active to avoid feedback – an ideal solution for a town hall or productive meeting space.

Video Content Feeds

The main video display is an Epson Pro Z projector, one of the biggest and brightest on the market today with 10,000 lumens of brightness. In a room as big and bright as the Tewksbury Town Hall space, the Pro Z continues to bring a clear, crisp and bright image for all participants in the room to see. Within the space, the Pro Z is used as the main video feed, displaying content from any of the delegate floor box locations or the resident PC in the control booth. The powered lens shift and multiple choices of lenses on the unit make it ideal for any situation and simple to spec and install.

Camera Control

The main assembly room, the Town Hall space, contains 4 Vaddio RoboSHOT PTZ cameras that feed into a main system for easy switching between camera feeds on a Crestron touch panel. By using multiple cameras throughout the room, the Hall space video is completely covered for public broadcast events, recorded meetings and other specialty proceedings that may happen in the space. The feeds are managed back in the control booth, giving the user the ability to change settings, video feeds and other inputs into the system before sending the signal back out, if necessary. The PTZ camera and Epson projector video sources can be recorded with a Crestron Lecture Capture-HD device and rebroadcast out through public access TV. The magic in the control booth happens when the user selects the source being fed to the content feed and again sent back out. Options for the content feed include any of the delegate connections at the floor, any PTZ camera or a resident PC located in the control booth.

The Meeting Room

The smaller Meeting Room is a subset of the Hall space, on a slightly smaller scale. With only 2 Vaddio RoboSHOT PTZ cameras, a handful of Shure microphones, and a smaller Epson Pro G projector, the space has the same functionality but with less inputs to the system. Here you can also record the event and broadcast out to the public, or save it for viewing later. The switching system works simultaneously with the Hall space, so that two different events can be happening at the same time, all while recording to their specific devices to be viewed by the public. There are microphones for the delegates and theaudience, as well as the ability to plug video sources into multiple floor box locations, or utilize the resident PC.  Screens in the Meeting room space as well as the Larger Town Hall Space are made by Da-Lite.

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