St. John's Prep School

We recently completed the St. Johns Prep new High School Academic Building. The new High School Academic Building is designed for collaboration and hands-on learning. The 74,000 square-foot, five story space includes a robotics lab, a fabrication space, 6 science labs, 5 minilabs and 30 classrooms, as well as gathering spaces and the offices of the computer science, mathematics, science and world languages departments. Each space, classroom and lab is completely outfitted with 21st century technology, promoting an exciting and collaborative learning environment for both teachers and students.

New Construction

The St. Johns Prep new academic building was really something to see from start to finish.  A project many years in the making, it was a project that Pro AV Systems worked together with both the Technology Staff at St. Johns as well as the construction company to make sure that everyone was happy with the final AV products in the building.  Pro AV Systems often works on construction sites, is fully OSHA 10 certified and understands how new construction projects work.  Our installers and project managers work together with the other trades on site as well as the overseeing company, to make sure that products are delivered on time, work how the client intended and match the design.

Design Build

The St. John’s Prep academic building project was a design-build project, and Pro AV Systems helped to guide the school and help them make informed choices about technology along the way.  As part of a design build project, the products integrate with one another, the rooms are consistent and the technology works the way that the school intended.  Pro AV Systems has a lot of experience with design services, and our engineering team is second-to-none, providing the customer with robust and future proofed systems.  Our team truly does design each project with the customer in mind, using best of breed products and customizing a solution for each and every customer.

eno by Steelcase

St. Johns Prep decided to standardize on Steelcase eno boards and Epson Ultra-Short throw projectors.  The eno boards are dry erase boards, as well as digital whiteboards, and can be used as interactive products if the teachers lesson allows.  With a lifetime warranty, yet no technology in the actual board itself, it’s the one piece of technology that can last forever.  It’s a product that’s completely wireless, and doesn’t require you to be tethered to the board to use it.  While any projector can be used with it, Pro AV Systems prefers the Epson products for their quality, clarity and warranty – just one of the best of breed products put into the new building at St. Johns Prep.

Complete Customization

At St. John’s Prep there are a number of things that were customized completed to fit the needs of the school.  The podiums, made by Spectrum, were designed to incorporate the St. John’s Prep logo in the panel on the back of it.  These podiums can be designed to incorporate any logo, color scheme or mascot, for whatever a clients needs suggest.  Additionally, the science lab rooms in the new building at St. John’s Prep have custom eno board solutions in the front of the classroom.  The boards are integrated into a sliding frame in the front of the classroom and are able to move based on the teachers preferences.

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