Sasaki Associates

Pro AV Systems installed a complete video conferencing solution in the conference rooms in the Boston office. The rooms are equipped with flat panels, control systems and cameras so that video conferencing using a soft codec can take place in any of the rooms - allowing them to speak to anyone in the world instantly.

Complete Room Control

One of the most powerful pieces of equipment in the conference rooms at Sasaki Associates are the multiple Crestron touch panels. One lives on the wall, and a secondary one – an iPad that was configured to mirror the touch panel on the wall exactly – lives fixed to the table. The control system is used to turn everything in the room on, switch sources or even view the resident PC in the room. Microphone volume and speaker control can be changed on the wall or the iPad, so both those in the room and the participants on the far end are experiencing the same clear sound quality. Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras by Vaddio can also be controlled by the touch panel, as well as preset setting so that meetings go smoothly and simply for presenters and participants.

Camera Integration

Multiple different types of cameras are used throughout the conference room spaces at Sasaki, each with a unique purpose and function.  First, the Vaddio PTZ cameras at the front of the room, paired with the flat panels are used for web conferencing and video streaming.  Control for the cameras can be done by using the original remote control or the touch panel presets, making it very simple for a user to walk into the room and understand how to control the camera functions.  One additional camera, a Lumens document camera, is mounted in the ceiling and pointing down at the conference room table, is used for documents and other things that also need to be reviewed throughout the meeting.  Sasaki, a premier design and engineering firm in Boston, wanted this ceiling mounted document camera to be able to share and review plans with its multiple locations in a simple way.

Web Conferencing

More and more now we are seeing a trend to move towards soft codecs and web video conferencing as opposed to the traditionally complex and expensive systems.  This is due mainly to the fact that while the larger systems are great in a building wide rollout, it’s very simple to integrate a web conferencing solution that uses Microsoft Lync or Skype in a setting that is already developed.  By logging into the resident PC associated with the room, utilizing a web software and the integrated camera to connect to someone on the other end, it’s a simple and inexpensive way to integrate video conferencing into a room that’s already been outfitted with AV.

Room Scheduling

Crestron Room Scheduling panels are becoming a more valuable part of productivity in the workplace, making organization and scheduling that much easier.  The touch screens are mounted on the outside of meeting spaces so that anyone can see at a glance if the room is available or in use, and view the details of the event happening within the room.  They are designed to be installed as part of a complete enterprise solution, and Sasaki, as well as many other companies, are using them that way.  Employees can simple swipe the screen to reveal upcoming meetings, open time slots and the room’s entire schedule, and easily integrate that into their existing infrastructure and workflow.

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