Boston Children’s Hospital Café Renovation

Full renovation of Boston Children’s Hospital cafeteria, using multiple displays, switching gear, and signage solutions to make it truly unique.

State of the Art Equipment

We supplied a variety of displays, in different sizes and aspects, in order to create a cutting-edge cafeteria that keeps customers engaged, while also providing them with necessary information. 32-inch displays are mounted from the ceiling at each food location, for a total of 17 digital menu boards. These displays also have a secondary function for special events, such as Celebrity Chefs on location. These events also required a broadcast-quality camera system, that could be easily managed by the current staff, without needing specialized crews to run it. We installed 4 HD PTZ cameras to capture every angle of the Chef’s Playground, a cooking area setup specifically for specialty chefs. When BCH has a celebrity appearance, they can go live throughout the hospital and cafeteria with the push of a button. A broadcast router system, by Broadcast Pix, paired with Vaddio cameras gives them the necessary tools to produce a cooking show similar to those seen on the Food Network.

Interactive Demos

The Chef’s Playground area is truly something special, flanked by two 2×2 portrait videowalls, that can show a variety of content. These walls are setup to not only show menus, signage, and messages, but also be used during productions, so local participants can also get a front and center view. However, these walls appeared bland as customers exited the food area and moved into the seating area. Now, upon exiting, you get a quick glimpse of mosaic displays arranged in an assortment of random placements. This engages the customer with a sense of wonder. just as they are leaving to find a seat and enjoy their tasty choices.

Mosaic Video Wall

The mosaic wall is designed to break your sense of reality and keep people of all ages engaged, and entertained, during their meal. 22-inch display tiles create an amazing canvas for pictures and videos to be displayed. Twenty-eight total tiles make this wall come to life, with a “choose your own adventure” type of theme. Children, teens, and adults can use one of the two 15-inch touch panels to choose from a set of pre-defined pictures they would like to show on the wall. These pictures were specifically chosen to change the ambience of the space while also educating kids. A 55-inch panel displays the full-screen picture, along with educational facts about the image.

Touch Capabilities

There is also a touchscreen bar area, equipped with 8 touchscreens, so that customers can eat and surf the web at the same time. These are basically self-serve kiosks, allowing customers to information gather while enjoying their meal.

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