LG’s Ultra Thin Rollable TV Disappears From View

At CES 2018, LG unveiled their rollable TV, a 4K OLED display that is so thin, it can actually roll up into an elegant box that can go just about anywhere and hide the 65-inch screen when not in use. Rumor has it that it will go on sale this year, albeit at a hefty […]

Evolving Digitally: Staying Alive in the Retail Market

In recent news, we’ve seen a decline of some of the big box retailers as Toys R’ Us, Sears and others that have failed to revive their brand. Online giants such as Amazon have certainly taken their cut of the market, but delving deeper into the matter, there are signs that these retailers are lacking […]

Three Video Conferencing Myths

With globalization has come the necessity of long distance communication and video conferencing provides the most collaborative and engaging form.  It allows participants to not only view presentations and other content, but to have face-to-face conversations, which contributes to the intelligibility of the conversation as well as the ability to read and interpret body language […]