Four Big Benefits of Room Scheduling Platforms

A necessary part of business, meetings often get cut short when someone else needs the conference room, and they’re often rescheduled due to lack of room availability or double booking. Meetings benefit from management just like most everything in the business world. Today, as huddle rooms and conference rooms are reinventing themselves, room scheduling platforms […]

AV Control Systems: The Evolution of the Remote

As technology has progressed and become an increasingly integral part in the workplace and classroom, fumbling for multiple remotes that may or may not be in their designated place is a frustrating problem to have. And batteries have to be readily available to replace when the remotes suddenly stopped working. Allowing the control for multiple […]

Digital Projections Introduces 8K Laser Projector

We’re all accustomed to the now mainstream 4K, but 8K is beginning to catch on and Digital Projections has jumped on the relatively new bandwagon with their recently released Insight Dual Laser 8K projector, which they claim to be the first 8K DLP projector in the industry. The 25,000 lumen solid-state laser phosphor projector, with […]

Premier Mounts Innovates New LED Display Mounting Solutions

With the increased popularity of digital signage and video walls, LED displays are in high demand and companies are in a race to come out with bigger and better models to satisfy their customers. With this LED craze comes the need for innovative mounting to accommodate easier access to these displays for maintenance, as well […]

Listen Up! Classroom Audio is a Big Deal

Teachers instruct their students by communicating ideas and concepts, mostly through their own vocal power. But, how many classrooms have you walked into where the teacher could be heard clearly over classmates giggling or while seated in the back of the class? Add in the epidemic of young people with hearing loss, growing class sizes […]

AV Tips: Creating Effective and Strategic Digital Signage

In a recently published report, Orbis Research projected that the digital signage market size will grow substantially, from $20.74 Billion in 2017 to $31.62 billion by 2023. No longer living in a world of static observation, existing, new and emerging interactive technologies are being used in conjunction with digital signage to make content more effective, […]