Pixel Pitch Explained

You’ve probably heard the term pixel pitch thrown around here and there and you may be wondering why it should matter to you. If you’re considering purchasing displays for corporate conference rooms, a video wall for an airport, digital signage for a college campus or any other of numerous applications utilizing LED video display technology, […]

Video Walls: Technology’s MVP in Control Rooms

Video wall technology is an exceedingly popular choice in many applications. From higher education to retail stores to corporate offices, video walls are powerful, flexible, and dynamic tools. In particular, they have proven to be indispensable in control room settings where information must be displayed quickly, continuously and accurately for informed decision making to take […]

Minnesota Culinary Arts Program Gets Things Cooking with Vaddio DocCAM 20 HDBT

Due to increased enrollment, the newly renovated Shapokee High School in Minnesota, included an expanded Culinary Arts area. In order to facilitate a more effective learning environment, a Vaddio DocCAM 20 HDBT camera is being employed to give students a closer view of cooking techniques and food preparation as an instructor is demonstrating it.   […]

Flat Screens vs. Projectors: Which is Better for your Space?

When determining the best solution for display systems there are many things to be taken into consideration to ensure the final decision fits the needs of that space and the people in it. Both flat screens and projectors have their own pros and cons, but whether business or education, conference room or huddle space, the […]