Corporate and Education AV markets Show Promising Upward Trend in 2018

Conducted annually by Commercial Integrator and NSCA, The 2018 Integration Business Outlook Study indicates that most pro AV verticals are trending upwards, especially the two largest AV vertical markets, corporate and education.   Of the 188 integrators and consultants surveyed, 67 percent of respondents indicated that their corporate market business was up in 2017 while […]

Why Digital Signage Brightness Matters

Brightness is key to making sure a display is successfully communicating to the target audience, but also to ensuring it is an efficient and cost-effective solution. The brightness, or luminance, of a screen is measured in nits. Nits, scientifically speaking, are Candelas, or candlepower, per meter squared. Basically, the higher the nits, the brighter the […]

Barco’s UniSee Video Wall Makes Gaps a Thing of the Past

Video walls traditionally pose a challenge for integrators to ensure that installation creates a tight fit with no gaps between displays. When displays need to be serviced, the same issue arises and can lead to gaps over time. Barco has taken this issue to heart and devised an innovative solution with their new UniSee video […]

Springfield’s New Meline Kasparian Professional Learning Center Offers Scalable Multi-Room Conferencing

In an effort to provide ongoing and technologically advanced training for teachers, staff and paraprofessionals in the Springfield, Massachusetts school district, the new Meline Kasparian Professional Learning Center was recently opened. The new center’s namesake believed that all educators deserve high-quality professional development and led a statewide movement that made that possible. This state-of-the-art training […]

4 Reasons Video Conferencing Benefits Healthcare

Healthcare is changing vastly as technology advances with new equipment and groundbreaking treatments that are making huge strides in keeping people healthy. Video conferencing has also contributed greatly and is changing the way doctors are treating patients bringing cost and time saving strategies to the operating table and paving the way for a healthier future. […]