VR’s healthy future in healthcare

Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR) is an up and coming industry estimated to reach $80 million dollars by 2025 according to Goldman Sachs. Healthcare is getting into the game with innovative uses for VR that aid both medical staff and patients. Statista has reported that the VR health care market was valued at 525 million […]

Benefits of AV Integration for Video Conferencing

Technology has a way of making things easier and video conferencing is no exception. Gone are the days of straining to hear the fuzzy audio and messy conference room setups. A more natural method of communication, current video conferencing technology makes connecting with employees and clients simpler and more fluid. Its advantages are plentiful and […]

Peerless-AV Adds New Line of Digital Signage Kiosks

Digital Signage is quickly growing in demand and Peerless-AV is keeping up by adding a new line of kiosks designed to support the latest LED displays and touchscreen panels up to 4-inches deep. The new KIPC2 Indoor Portrait kiosks are now available for displays up to 65-inches, with new back-to-back models and standard options (speaker/camera) […]

The Importance of AV Integration in Higher Education

Today’s students have grown up in the digital age, where smart phones and tablets are a constant presence in their lives and as a result they learn better in this format that they are so accustomed to. Institutions of higher learning have to keep up with the demands of their student population and therefore AV […]

Bose Professional EdgeMax In-Ceiling Loudspeakers Deliver Aesthetically Pleasing Sound Coverage

Bose Professional introduced their EdgeMax Loudspeakers with proprietary PhaseGuide technology earlier this year and recently began shipping. The EdgeMax speakers combine superior coverage patterns typical of surface mount loudspeakers with the unobtrusive aesthetics of in-ceiling designs. Designed for mounting near wall-ceiling boundaries, EdgeMax loudspeakers provide increased acoustic loading for low frequency and a superior coverage […]

What Does the Future Hold for Smart Assistants?

Smart assistants are fast becoming a standard in homes allowing users to command them to perform a task whether it be playing a favorite playlist, turning down the air conditioning, dimming the lights or setting a timer. But, with their functionality quickly growing, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be conversing with Alexa […]

Vaddio’s Joystick PTZ Camera Controller

The PCC Premier from Vaddio is a broadcast quality camera controller offering control of up to 16 PTZ cameras. Whether used in a studio, conference room, training room, or classroom, this controller provides seamless control with an integrated web interface for administrative access anywhere. A 7” full color touchscreen for easy-to-find camera functions, pan, tilt […]

Digital Signage in Healthcare

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals can benefit greatly from utilizing digital signage. A source of information and entertainment, digital signage can serve every population—from patients to healthcare professionals to visitors—to significantly improve patient care, patient experience, staff management and inventory management. Waiting Rooms Patients in an ER already arrive in high stress situations from injury […]