Voice Technology in Commercial Applications

Voice technology such as Amazon’s Alexa is continuing to peak interests in the commercial world as the idea of simply requesting an action and immediately and reliably having that action take place can significantly simplify workflows, reduce technical difficulties, increase safety and make meetings more effective.   Earlier this month, Crestron announced that they will […]

AJA’s New HELO Streaming and Recording Solution

AJA’s new stand-alone professional streaming and recording appliance, HELO,   provides a cost effective and flexible answer for a variety of applications from houses of worship to live events to corporate communications and more. With 1080p 60 capability, HELO combines both SDI and HDMI I/O into a single appliance with the ability to simultaneously stream out […]

New AudioCue by Barco Improves Training Simulations with Precise Sound Cues

Barco has introduced a new audio system to enhance training simulations with precise audio cues that allow trainees to hear cues before they are in their field of vision, allowing them to react faster in training situations where every second counts. By providing very realistic sound, the system will thereby increase awareness during training and […]