Harman JBL VTX A12 Line Array Loudspeaker Now Available

Harman’s new JBL VTX A12 line array loudspeakers deliver superior quality sound for mid- to large-size touring applications and high-end fixed installations. The product, which just started shipping in April, is a dual 12-inch, 4 5.5-inch, 3 2-inch transducer line array with numerous improvements including completely redesigned transducers, lighter weight and a brand new rigging […]

The Versatility and Interactivity of Today’s Projectors

  Projectors of days past were a challenge and didn’t provide great image quality. You always needed to drag a screen with you and they were generally limited to presentation style usage with people in the back of the room squinting to see a blurry and dull image. Boy have things changed! Today’s projectors provide […]

Commercial Outdoor TV’s are Standing Strong

Rain, snow, humidity, heat… no matter what the weather, outdoor televisions are built tough to withstand the elements and abuse from us humans too. Commercial applications are plentiful whether at outdoor bars or restaurants, arenas or stadiums, amusement parks or college campuses. Although they are pricier than the standard TV, there are a couple of […]

How AV Systems are Helping us Work Smarter

Today’s AV systems are changing the way we work by providing new technology and targeted tools that allow anyone to use them easily and to make the experience as efficient and effective as possible. AV systems and IT are meshing to create a dramatically improved work experience across all industries.   Videoconferencing Videoconferencing has taken […]

Futuresource Reports Significant Growth In Flat Panel Display Market

According to the latest Futuresource Flat Panel Market Update Report, interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) have experienced significant market growth in 2016. The 86-page report examines the current state of the interactive display market across 67 countries, exploring market segmentation, drivers and barriers as well as detailed 5-year forecasts.   68% of all interactive display […]